JBI technologies - Security First.

JBI Technologies offers defense in-depth information assurance solutions which enable your organization to function without disruption by identifying, managing, and mitigating vulnerabilities before a breach in security occurs. In an effort to create trusted digital systems and networks, JBI Technologies information assurance specialists assist you in evaluating the capabilities, limitations and security aspects of your networks.

Specifically, JBI Technologies Information Assurance service includes:

 Security Policy Development and Assessment
 Security Assessments (wired and wireless)
 Penetration Testing
 Intrusion Detection and Prevention
 Design/Customize Firewalls
 Compliance Monitoring
 Security Awareness and Education

JBI Technologies IA professionals possess the credentials and hands on experience to protect the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your mission critical networks and information. Our information assurance experts hold security certifications such as CISSP, SANS GIAC, and employ proven methodologies such as NSA's IAM and IEM.

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