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For more than 20 years, JBI Technologies (JBI), a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), has helped engineer, integrate and maintain critical global messaging network systems for DoD and the Intelligence Community. By keeping up with the very latest technologies and policies, JBI engineers develop and introduce innovative applications to the DIA Corporate networks. From design and engineering of an industry standard, collaborative information sharing system, to the maintenance, 24/7 network operations center support and end user training, JBI has managed critical systems from initial setup, through Sept 11, during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and beyond, without ever missing an hour of coverage, or compromising security.

JBI's commitment to the customer and end user has enabled critical collaborative networks to expand well beyond initial design and provide critical secure information sharing, essential to our national security.

JBI Technologies discriminators:

1) JBI has a 18+ year history of providing the highest caliber IT resources, current industry trained and certified, many with advanced degrees and experienced in designing, integrating and managing secure global communications systems.

2) JBI maintains a high staff retention rate by providing some of the best benefits in the industry, including paid technical training, educational reimbursement and generous industry certification and degree incentives.

3) JBI provides worldwide deployed IT resources, including hazardous regions such as Iraq, Afghanistan.

4) JBI has in-depth knowledge of DoD and IC network systems, policies and security.

JBI technologies
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