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Software Development

JBI develops and integrates secure open source software applications using the latest technologies which includes Java, .NET, XML, XSL, XSLT, AJAX, ASP, JSP, Oracle, and SQL Server to create cutting edge applications designed for use on the web, in portals, and on desktops.

The software that JBI builds is N-tiered, providing modularity, portability, and scalability that support single-user situations to heavily trafficked portal applications that are accessed all over the globe.

Software development requires tremendous attention to detail and coordination of numerous resources. JBI professionals handle every facet of software development.

Database Development

Database design is the crucial key to building a world-class application. A great database design is the foundation for serving up secure actionable intelligence. JBI Technologies offers experienced data designers, data architects, and database administrators.

JBI’s database administrators combine attention to detail, precision, and operational functionality while adhering to DoD security standards set forth in Security Technical Implementation Guides provided by DISA. All databases are structured appropriately, tuned for speed, and highly secure; qualities that drive today’s data market.

JBI excels at providing database solutions in multiple RDBMSs including Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQL, and many others. Server implementations take advantage of the latest technologies available for availability and performance. Examples include Oracle Real Application Clustering, Oracle replication, SQL Server clustering, SQL Server replication, SQL Server to Oracle replication. Our large-scale implementations span the globe, providing crucial data to the war fighter when he/she needs it and where needed.

JBI technologies
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